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Cotton Canvas

Both Escape Gear and Melvill and Moon offer pure cotton canvas. Go classic with our vehicle specific, 100% cotton seat covers made from heavy duty 510g fabric. This means that they fit snugly around your upholstery, and won’t bunch or crease when you climb in and out of your vehicle.

The comfort of cotton

Our traditional cotton canvas seat covers are cool and comfortable, especially during long-distance driving in summer heat. They are water repellent, which means that spilt liquids won’t seep through.

Protecting your vehicle’s interior

Not only do they look great, but they fully protect your seats. And should you want to remove them one day – for reasons only you would know! – your original upholstery will still be in showroom condition. Pure cotton canvas is a natural material, and will show some signs of wear and fading with time, much like good quality denim jeans!

Escape Gear cotton canvas is available in grey or light khaki, Melvill and Moon's cotton canvas is available in a darker charcoal grey or a sand shade.

Escape Gear seat covers are also available in Water resistant polycotton Tuff Canvas

Here is what Escape Gear says about this material:

What exactly makes our Tuff Canvas seat cover fabric so special? In simple terms, it’s a specially formulated polycotton, combining the comfort and feel of cotton with the technical features, durability and wear resistance of a synthetic product.

But how tough is it really?

Well, here at Escape Gear we test all our fabric to destruction. At least, that’s what we try to do, because when the equipment that we used to test this fabric had to be switched off after 350 000 rubs with no obvious damage, we knew that our new fabric could only be named one thing: Tuff Canvas.

It’s tough, water repellent and extremely abrasion resistant. Which means that it’s perfect for rugged applications such as construction, mining, forestry, commercial fishing, water sport and 4x4 expeditions.

Long-term investment

It protects your original seat upholstery from harsh and aggressive conditions, and ensures that your vehicle’s interior remains in tip-top condition, long after you’ve moved on to another vehicle.

Tuff Canvas is only manufactured in charcoal.



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