Beesdam Seat covers



Beesdam specialises in the design, manufacturing and retail of custom seat covers and luggage solutions.  We believe that our innovative design, quality craftmanship and our focus on customer satisfaction is what set us apart.

Beesdam had it’s humble beginning in 2014 when Jooste Venter needed seat covers for his well used student vehicle.  His high energy entrepreneur spirit and limited budget at the time were just the elements required to ignite the Beesdam flame.

Friends and family have shown interest by ordering seatcovers from Jooste and the demand has spread like wild fire.  In 2015 Jooste started the business formally and decided to name it after his grandfather’s farm in the Karoo. Ever since, Beesdam has grown to become an established brand in the seatcover industry with thousands of satisfied customers.  In 2019 we have decided to expand our business by starting our own range of luggage solutions.

Beesdam is more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle.

Dare to live.

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