Tougher Seat Covers

Tougher, a company founded by husband-and-wife duo Mark and Tatum, share a passion for the outdoors and have over the years adventured and explored, gaining invaluable insights into the importance of top-quality gear. With a focus on endurance and excellence, we know our customer needs and strive to deliver the best.

"We are proud to work alongside a talented group of South African artisans including machinists, pattern makers, and designers all with over 15 years manufacturing experience. We use this expertise to design superior quality seat covers, dash covers, floor mats and accessories for a selection of Toyota, Ford, Suzuki, Nissan, Ineos and Isuzu vehicles."

Tougher only works with the highest quality, hard wearing materials to create robust and durable products. We use uniqueTough Polycotton Canvas fabric in Charcoal & Light Khaki for our seat covers and accessories. 100% Authentic cotton provides a breathable, cool and comfortable feel, while the unique blend of polycotton enhances the dimensional stability (prevents shrinkage) and durability. The fabric is further enhanced with a water repellant technical coating.

"We stand behind our products, mean what we say, and keep our promises. No matter how rugged your adventure, our team won't let you down."

Tougher's core values are centered on durability and functionality and we stand by a 3 year warranty. In addition Tougher's dispatches 90% of orders on the same day they are ordered. The lead time is no more than 5 working days so you can enjoy the benefits of your seat covers quickly. Tougher is committed to building relationships with their customers. They believe that having a direct line of communication with customers allows them to constantly improve their products and provide exceptional customer experiences.

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