No matter where you live, there are going to be times when you need your car to do considerably more than just get you smoothly from A to B. Takla Loadliners help you transform your vehicle into a bakkie while still protecting it from the harsh burdens it has to bear. Tailor made to fit easily into the load bay of just about any SUV or station wagon, the Loadliner will fit tightly with no permanent fixtures. The Executive Loadliner is manufactured with a 3mm rubber mat with one of our unique fabrics stitched onto the rubber and backed with 10mm foam padding. This ensures that all the plastic trims remain in mint condition. We also include a double flap that will extend to the back of the front seats for those days when you need to turn your SUV into a pickup. Made from our exclusive military specification 100% synthetic fabric, our Loadliners are fully waterproof, completely padded and almost impossible to tear, so you can rest assured that your load bay is protected whatever you put it through.

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